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Ohhhhh shiz

Ohhhh goodness gracious.

I just saw all the comments I got.

Ohhh crap ohcrap ohcrap.

And here I thought I could just fly under the radar like the other 387295724 blogs out there, have fun, be stupid all by myself.

If you don’t want me to keep reading your book, I completely understand, Ms. Galan!! I’m so sorry!!!! You can point me toward an author you really hate and I’ll read hers!

But I’ve got to admit, happy comments make me happy. Thankies all you lovely people. Bring em on.

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I’ve got to say I’m incredibly surprised right now. Only after I submitted the description for the podcast for iTunes to approve did I see that they don’t allow erotica…


Especially because I had stuffed the search tags full of things like, I don’t know, sex and erotica and mature. 

What? I know what people like.

So there you go. The podcast will be searchable on iTunes in a day or so. Hopefully it also works. I’ve got to admit I have no idea what I’m doing.

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