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A Nice Young Gentleman Edits Smut: Good Groom Hunting – Chapter 3, PARTY MIX!!

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Buy it. You know you want to.

The hot&steamy ramps up hardXcore in chapter three! So much so that I have identified new words that are difficult for me to say. Don’t worry. I’m practicing. Roll over to see the word woefully missing due to my inescapable Puritan roots:  (cock)

SPEAKING OF PRACTICING, those of us who are not super history buffs (even though I have a degree in it) need a vocab lesson for this chapter:

The ton is a term commonly used to refer to Britain’s high society during the Georgian era, especially the Regency and reign of George IV. It comes from the French word meaning “taste” or “everything that is fashionable” and is pronounced the same way as tone. The full phrase is le bon ton, meaning good manners or “in the fashionable mode” – characteristics held as ideal by the British ton.

Pronounced as TONE. Now I know.

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