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After seeing the crazy hit count, Happy Warm and Fuzzy comments, and even attention from the author, my husband (A Nice Young Gentleman) is now taking my little experiment seriously and has created for me a party mix! This is the same vocal track as the original track, just with his special touch.

And yes, I do mean special touch…

It’s really funny. And it’s right here!


A Nice Young Gentleman Edits Smut: Good Groom Hunting, Chapter 2. PARTY MIX!!

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Click the odd level of nakedness above to buy it on Amazon! But don't read ahead. I'll know if you do...

This has been a busy week for ANYL:

  1. Post first recording, expect to send link to friend and get some lolz.
  2. Get 200 hits in the first day.
  3. Freak out.
  4. End week with blessing from super-cool author and husband going crazy with all the Foley sounds in GarageBand.
  5. Also got some free underwear from Victoria’s Secret with coupon.
Everything’s coming up Nice Young Lady!

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Now that you’ve humored me by reading the above, here’s your meat:

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Ohhhhh shiz

Ohhhh goodness gracious.

I just saw all the comments I got.

Ohhh crap ohcrap ohcrap.

And here I thought I could just fly under the radar like the other 387295724 blogs out there, have fun, be stupid all by myself.

If you don’t want me to keep reading your book, I completely understand, Ms. Galan!! I’m so sorry!!!! You can point me toward an author you really hate and I’ll read hers!

But I’ve got to admit, happy comments make me happy. Thankies all you lovely people. Bring em on.

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I’ve got to say I’m incredibly surprised right now. Only after I submitted the description for the podcast for iTunes to approve did I see that they don’t allow erotica…


Especially because I had stuffed the search tags full of things like, I don’t know, sex and erotica and mature. 

What? I know what people like.

So there you go. The podcast will be searchable on iTunes in a day or so. Hopefully it also works. I’ve got to admit I have no idea what I’m doing.

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What velvety breast skin, good sir. Dove for Men?

Chapter 1 of Good Groom Hunting, the first romance novel I got my paws on from the clearance rack, is now live! You can open it in a nice, discreet window right here:

A Nice Young Lady Reads Smut: Good Groom Hunting, Chapter 1

Soon I hope to have this available as a podcast as well.

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Hello and welcome to my new experiment, A Nice Young Lady Reads Smut. In this blog and podcast, I seek to enlighten the Interwebz with the subtle sensuality and comedic genius lurking inside every trashy romance novel in the back room of my local used book store. I will read one chapter a week and post the resulting product (which may or may not be completely inappropriate for all human beings). Enjoy!

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